04 diciembre, 2014


It's just crazy that you don't know the depth of someone's power until their funeral. It's so sad.

I like to break down the words. Rip them off. Tear them apart.
Slip them. Dislocate each letter or syllable.


Fun at all: ----> this one goes like a question, wondering if the fun is happening, at all. If you add a "NO" at the begging you may have the correct meaning of a funeral: no fun at all.

Fun et all:----> FUN: probably fun for the one who's resting in peace, the one that is lying on the coffin. ET ALL: and the others, the rest of the people, the ones that remain alive... et all.. they are not having fun, at all

Fun era L: ----> the (FUN) time (ERA) is (L)ost, gone, over. The life has come to an end. The test is over.

Anyways, the meaning goes on and on and I can't take the FUN out of the funeral, and that's absurb, how can someone have fun at a funeral? I mean, that's against all rules and all odds. Or not. Deep inside, we are celebrating the life that has been live, the one that reach the goal, the one that came first to the finishing line. I do not know for certain, but I guess.

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