04 agosto, 2009


Let's say give peace a chance and let's hope that one day we will all live in peace.

" These are indie music superheroes"
Contemporary artists show their respect to Yoko Ono on the remix album 'Yes, I'm a Witch' : Cat Power,Peaches, The Brother Brothers, Le Tigre, Shitake Monkey and The Polyphonic Spree (among others).

Bitch, was called back in those days, and today hasn't change at all this adjective. The thing is that it didn't help that many fans (wrongly) blamed her marriage to John Lennon for the Fab Four's breakup.

The big mayority of the people think about her as the destructive witch which was the responsable of the beatles split, but come on, by the time they were done, they were done with all the good (peace, love and what? ) they were making drugs, violence and irresponsible behaviors. She knew all this. She was there. Yes, she's a witch. A good one.

  • I think indie is going to bring back the spirit in music...It's a very difficult time with the social climate today, difficult and heavy, and so, you know, we're thinking: OK, we need to bring back the spirit.
  • when John passed away, I got into a funk.
  • I said yes to "Open the Box"
  • To myself, probably.
  • Very highly charged spiritually.
  • Music will be there.



03 agosto, 2009


Con tan solo oírte borre mi sonrisa de mis labios.

Me la quite por un rato, porque no puedo ser feliz.

No soporto el frío que me cala hasta los huesos

Ni las noches sin estrellas.

Pero el verte llorar es vivir enterrada