19 diciembre, 2014


"There is a theory not often discussed-perhaps because I'm the inventor of the theory- that if your father is incredibly kind, you will seek the opposite relationship as an act of rebellion"

"when someone shows you how little you mean to them and you keep coming back for more, before you know it you start to mean less to yourself"
"None of that happened. Better things happened. Then why am I so sad?"

" I was becoming the kind of adult parents worry about producing"

"sunshine stealers"

"im a good listener, you know why I listened? because I wanted it si bad, because I wanted to learn, to grow and to stay"

"it could be tomorrow. It could be eighty years from tomorrow. But it was coming for us all, and I was no exception"
This is an amazing END:

R u n / b a c k/ t o/ y o u r s e l f

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