19 enero, 2015


Im the on who will hold your hand during the best movie scene, the one who will take you to a random park just to sit on the floor to play to be kids again.

I’m gonna make plans with your grandma just to watch you laugh. I’ll be the type of girl who will kiss you on every stop sign and on every red light, so when you go back to that places, you remember the taste of my mouth.

I’ll transform the lyrics from your favorite song so when you heard for the rest of your life, you'll think of me.

You’re gonna read my favorite book and will change your mind.

So that’s me… the trouble, the problem, the awkward, the regret. 

I’ll do something weird in your brain that will never be the same.

And you know that, and you are gonna avoid me because you can’t handle it. And therefore, this is never gonna happen.

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