08 febrero, 2016


4 me, TECH AKA WEB it's the most nasty shit. Clear it is, that NET is a mess. Nothing else to say.

You can get out any time you want, you can check out and you can avoid it. But you will NEVER, read it again… NEVER will be able to kill it. It last forever, since it was born, not so long ago.

N.E.T. Not Even Terricolar. New Earth Trance. Nasty Empty Trash. 

Takes your day, your thoughts and feelings, transforming your most annoying demons into images, into words. Sadness.

 Envy. Anger… and by its initials: SEA.

THE E.N.D. Finni. It’s over. Good bye. Arrivederchi. Adeus. Au devoir. Empty Nights and Days.

The S.E.A. the E.N.D…and tThe N.E.T. : the killing of the SEN.

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