06 diciembre, 2010


"No one is gonna recognizes me as a _________ "
"Rather no talk about it. Rather no be ______"
"I have _____ twice in my mind"
"In the real world, no one talks to the ___ _________"
" It would be so much easier if I have a _____ first
Which is why you have to __ _______. "
" in the real world there's this thing call ______. Use it, before you speak".
" _____ are called enemies"
"I'm not becomming a ______ _______ ______ like you"
"You read Shakespeare, you get ____ and you get to ride a vintage _________"
"He reads, he fixes stuff... he's like a _______ man ".
"I really like the _______, so I didn't wanted to _______ "


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