28 octubre, 2010


All right mates?

I've in touch with sum british guys and I die everything time I heard them ( or read them ) ... I wanna talk about the MOSHERS. They are the sexiest people ever. Crikey!

They are common kiddos that you met on the school or at the tube ... sitting around with friends laughing, joking.....Moshers are not un-sociable, in fact they are nice people who are really cool to hang around with and chat,.... naturally loving and being friendly, but have a tendancy to hate chavs and townies(can you blame them?)

Moshers are very random and enjoys rock or punk, but doesn't feel the need to be "labled". And about its clothing.. oh well, all I can say is that they doesn't dress like a chav, emos, hardcores, goths or punks: they wear the clothes they want to wear, not what others percieve as fashion or "cool".

There's a little tendency on those guys to feel melancholic all the time... and I could say, depressed but at the same time, they have a good time with friends.

They don'tt start fights: they finish them, they are a hell of a lot more mature than most people of there age.

Cheers Thanx Bye

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