15 julio, 2011


It's based on the book "Disco bloodbath" by James st. James.
I found the movie hillarious, so colorfull and funny.. Of course, dramatic in a glamorous way.The cast is amazing! Seth Green, Chloë Sevignty and Macaulau Culkin (I probably spell it wrong, but you know the guy from Home Alone).
Anyway, enjoy what I enjoyed!!


Party Monster - Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato
I hate you for making me say serious things

You look awfull - so as you!

One big party, that never ends.

Rule #1. Perseption is reality. So when you arrive don't just appear, always make an entrance
Rule #2. Always makes sure your outfit works on black and white

What do you do? I don't do, I just AM!

I want you to teach me how to be fabulous

As a sophidticated and flamboyant socialite you are invited to Michael Alig's Zillionaire disco ball
**No poor or ugly people allowed**

You've seen 'em around, now you can buy 'em... Real cheap!!
yes folks where else could you place a pricetag on human beings but in nyc, where everything has its price! These fine, healthy young souls will be auctioned off to the highest sidder...to do with as you please!

I just wanna be loved.
There is enought love in the whole world to satisphated you.

I've planning this party for months. Christina has no right to go and die on us.

Famous. Because they are fabulous.

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