20 febrero, 2011


In short, and do not let me lie, there are only two types of songs: the happy ones and the sad ones. Right?

Well, I don't why I love sorrowful songs. Hurting music. Is it sadomasochism? to enjoy the pain, the wrong, the dejected, the heavehearted music?

And if the music it was made to enjoy it, why to contradict the joy with the gloomy?

I have no idea why this happens to me. Do I need to go to therapy? Am I mentally ill? May be... because honestly, there's a part of my that truly enjoys the depressing chords, the crying heart voices, the melancholic melodies and the deep lyrics.

Playing in my mind bitter moments accompanied with down music, produces on my a strange sense of pleasure and happiness that I can't describe with words...

Probably you won't enjoy it but anyway I annex a list of songs that produce on my the feelings described above.

chocolates and cigarrettes - angus and julia
music when the lights go out - the libertines
everybody is changing - keane
sad song - au revoir simone
radiohead- no surprises
bittersweet synphony- the verbe

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